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Latest Alumni News updated January 20, 2005

Oct 2004 Linda Moon died in October 2004/A>

November 2004 John Eisele died in November 2004

8/9/02 <Donald Murkve died on 7/20/02

3/31/02 <Linda Williams (McCormick) died on 3/31/02

2/21/02 <Ralph Czerepinski retires!

1/20/02 <Nancy Myer (Garske)) died on 1/20/02

5/29/01 <Mike McCormick died on 5/29/01

7/20/00 <Barbara Lowell (Perkins) died on 7/14/00

6/6/00: Vic Cunningham (non-grad) was killed in an auto accident on 6/5/00

Dave Heisig Obituary "Zeke"

2/2/00: We've just received a report that Ken Lathrop (non-grad) has died after a brief illness.

Jim VanMeter We've just received a report that Jim VanMeter has been killed in an auto accident.

Dick Werndli (September, 1999) We just heard that Dick Werndli passed away. Details to follow